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Who Should You Call if You
Need to Post Bail?

You or someone you know has just been arrested. They took you to the police station and made you go through the booking process. Booking is where they take your photos and register other details about you. After booking is done, an option of paying the bail might be offered. If you agree to it and pay the bail, you are released for the time being as long as you appear in court when called.

If an option of bail isn’t offered or you decline it, you wait for the arraignment. On arraignment, you can ask for bail again. In the absence of arraignment within 48 hours, you get a bail hearing.

Who Should You Call?

If you want to post bail, the obvious person you should call is a bail bondsman. Ideally, you would be able to call an attorney and a bail bondsman. However, most people aren’t able to afford both. If you call a bail bondsman, they will get you out of jail the earliest and for the time being. You can deal with the charges on you or someone you know afterward.

Additionally, the faster you get out of local jail, the lower are the chances of you having to go to a county jail, where the atmosphere is worse. This can be entirely avoided with a bail bondsman.

If your crime is severe enough that you have to go to jail for a long time, a council will be held to judge you. This is where an attorney comes in to defend you. If you can’t afford one, the court will appoint you one.

Who Should You Call

How Does A Bail Bondsman Help?

For one, they are quite experienced in getting a person out of jail. They appear straight to the center where you are being held to post bail for you.

The bail amount can be ridiculous, depending on the crime. Most people usually don’t have huge funds at their disposal for that kind of bail amount. The bail bondsman takes care of the cash for you. You only have to pay the bail bondsman for their service, which is usually more affordable than the bail amount.

Do You Need A Bail Bondsman Every Time?

Bail doesn’t need to be posted for every offence. Sometimes, you can even strike a deal with the court that you will appear in court whenever called and you have to only pay if you fail to do so.

However, a bail bondsman certainly will help sort out these issues quicker than you. Their experience will help you strike a deal that is much more beneficial for you.

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