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What a Bail Bondsman Can
Do For You?

Frequently, individuals who have not experienced the law system are sometimes stuck in the bail situation. They become unsure of what to do. If an innocent or poor person is arrested, does that mean that he/she will spend his life in prison if he does not have a large amount of sum to pay to the court? Can another person pay on his behalf? What does a bail bondsman do?

If you are a prime suspect in a crime and police have taken you in their custody, you will undoubtedly show up in court for the trials. It has been noticed that in many cases, poor or innocent people become the victims of the trials and the police take them in their custody. But they get a chance to free themselves from the prison by applying for a bail plea. Here, they do not have to pay money for the bond as the court demands. The bail bond can be demanded by the court or any authorized entity which acts as an assurance against you plus permits you the partial freedom.

Who is a Bail Bondsman?

Paying the bail bond to get out of the jail is not simple. A bail bondsman is any individual that will provide the guarantee and promise to pay some money as bail to make the defendant appear in the court proceedings. These bondsmen are mostly found in Phillippines and the USA. In other nations, the practice of appointing bounty hunter is illegal. A bounty hunter is a person who earns commissions by capturing the criminals.

When Do Bail Bondsmen Come into Action?

If any suspect is unable to pay the money to the court, he can go for a bail loan. But it is not very common. Studies reveal that more than half of the suspects accept their crime if they are not in a situation to pay the amount, on the other hand only a small percentage of suspects are held guilty if they are able to pay for their bail.

This information shows that individuals who require bail and are poor plus innocent frequently land up pleading guilty because of the absence of sufficient funds needed to pay for the bail security. If you are thinking of taking a regular loan, then reconsider it. 

It is astonishing to confront the truth that any ordinary association would not provide you a loan, particularly for a bail. The overall time span between a trial and an arrest is usually 15 days. Also, in case you are taking an advance, the loan expert would expect you to have a job and having more than 21 years of age.

Help From Friends

The other way is by taking the help of a friend or an individual from the family who may lend you the ideal sum. The truth is brutal, however, as the vast majority would prefer not to entertain themselves with cases that manage such conditions. In case you don’t have a companion or an associate from whom you can get the cash, you would depend on offering your property to manage the bail bond. Henceforth, you can face difficulties in these cases. In such cases, the bail bondsman comes into action. 

Your bail expenses are effectively managed by the bail bondsman. Many organizations and agencies provide the service of a bail bondsman. A large portion of these organizations does not charge interest for the bail fee. But they may charge a small amount for the paperwork, and also a little amount for the risk they take while paying your bail fee. In specific conditions, the bondsman may need a co-signer on the behalf of you. Why? So that the situation of bail jumping or bail skipping would not arise. 

Therefore, in case that bail bondsman has paid a significant amount as your bail fee to the court, they can face immense losses. A co-signer for the suspect or defendant, causes them to guarantee that if such a circumstance emerges, the co-signer would have the option to make up for the misfortunes. 

What Does the Bail Agent Need From You?

If you want to get your loved one out from the prison, here is what you need to provide to the bail bondsman. To begin with, know the specific area where the individual is under police custody and the prison’s name. Next, have the individual’s complete name and booking number. Above all, know how much is the bail amount so as to help the bail bondsman decide the money to keep aside to get the defendant out of the jail.

Bail Bondsman

Function of a Bail Bondsman

After coming in the contact of the bail bondsman, know about the process. Once you discuss the price with the bail bondsman, he/she will provide the court with the surety bond to set free the defendant. You would not need to pay any further amount to him if the defendant regularly appears on the court dates.

Remember, in case the defendant does not show up at a court date (which is known as bail jumping), the bail will be terminated. The bail bondsman has the authority to find the suspect/defendant and present him in front of the court. Making the matters worse, companions or family who co-signed the bail bond will be answerable for the sum of the bond. In case that they utilize collateral to get the bond, (for example, a house), they could experience the property loss.

You want to do a lot for your family but are captured in the prison. You are not the owner of a large amount of money. You are poor. So what can you do? Approaching the bail bondsman is a perfect idea

Getting bail is a complicated process in the legal system. It can include a huge amount of money and financial risks, even more in a criminal case. In any case, recognizing what your alternatives are and ensuring you are secured enough requires that you consult a lawyer and a bondsman before coming to any conclusion. 

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