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Questions You Should Always Ask
Before Hiring a Bail Bond Company

It is never easy to deal with an arrest of a loved one. Getting a call that your friend, family member or love is arrested, is the worst kind of call and you have to think about getting them out on bail as soon as possible. But bail bonds are almost always set on a higher amount which makes things even more difficult. In this time, when you are looking for bail bonds charlotte, a bail bond company is the last resort.

But how do you decide if a bail bond company is right for you? You are paying the money and you want your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. After all your hopes of never seeing a bail bondsman, if you ever need to get a friend out of jail, ask these questions.

How Quickly Can You Get My Friend or Family Member Out of Jail?

This is the only question that lingers on your mind all the time when your friend is relying on you for bail. The answer is that they can surely control the paperwork but the slow process of the court is uncontrollable. Though, majority of the bondsman can surely give you an accurate time but this is unpredictable and mainly depends on the crime. For court, the safety is first and thus, you may need to wait a little.

Are You Licensed?

You want your loved one out of jail and don’t want to get into another legal mess. Make sure that the Charlotte Bail Bondsman has a valid license issued by North Carolina Department of Insurance. Ask them to see the license and identification because if a bail bondsman is not legally permitted to post a bond, it may create unnecessary mess. You may consult your acquaintances for a reputed Charlotte Bail Bondsman.

What is Your Location?

If you are far away from the location where your friend or family member has been arrested, this question becomes very important. It is important that you find a bail bondsman within a reasonable distance from the jail. It saves you post money and transfer fee and the guarantor you choose is aware of how things work in the area. For bail bonds Charlotte, you are advised to hire a Charlotte Bail Bondsman.

What is the Bail Bond Procedure?

A reputable company should have no problem in explaining you the procedure. If the company tries to scare you with the legal jargon, stay away from it. They are supposed to make things easy for you and your loved one. It is important for you to understand the process to know the basics.

You also need to understand that it is not an easy procedure and in some cases, it is also possible that the bail is not granted due to some conditions. They Charlotte Bail Bondsman will surely ask you general questions about the situation i.e. personal life, employment, residence, assets, charges and the situation to assess the risk factor of the situation. As soon as you arrange the money and the documents are prepared, the defendant regains freedom.

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What are the Responsibilities of the Indemnitor?

Gaining bail does not relieve the defendant from going to court. That’s where indemnitor comes in. The indemnitor makes sure that the defendant appears in court. The indemnitor helps the bondsman to find him at their residence, work, and finding them ate every place possible like a friend’s place or parent’s house. If the indemnitor is unable to find the defendant, he is liable to pay full bail amount.

What Happens if the Defendant Does Not Appear for Court?

If your loved one is in for a petty issue, there should not be an issue in appearing in court. But it happens in most of the criminal cases that the defendant does not appear in court after filing the bail bond.

In this case, a warrant is issued for arrest and the defendant is presented as a fugitive in police bulletins. Though, it is the responsibility of the indemnitor to find the defendant for their appearing in court. But if they fail, the bail bondsman may need to hire a bounty hunter to locate the defendant and present them in court.  It is never a good idea to miss the court appearance. So, make sure that the person for whom you are filing the Charlotte bail bond, do appears in court.

This is a general process which may very well differ as per the state laws. These are just basic questions and a basic process that you must know about before hiring a bail bond company. In order to procure a bail bonds Charlotte, you need to find a 24-hour bail bonds company which is available 24/7. You can also ask the detention officers for a reference as they deal with such things regularly.

It is of utmost importance that your loved one gets a bail as soon as possible. It is possible only if you hire a good Local bail bondsman, who outlines the process for you, has a good reputation, and answers all the above questions satisfactorily. Ask questions, gain process knowledge and bail out your loved ones quickly.

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