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123 Bail Bonding
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Cabarrus County, NC

Being arrested and charged with a crime can cause a lot of anxiety. This is especially true for people that have never been arrested before or people who aren’t familiar with how the system works. Paying your bond to get out of jail is extremely important but that is just the first step of the process. There are a lot of things the average person does not know about how bail works. There are more benefits to hiring a bail bonding agency besides just having the funds to bail you out. They understand the process and an help you navigate it in the best way possible.

Best Bail Bondsman in Cabarrus County

Nico Rodgers is not just the guy you call when your family or friends can’t afford to bail you out of jail. 123 Bail Bonding is not just the first company you saw when searching for a bail bondsman in the local area. Nico is a professional bail bondsman with years of experience in this field and a passion for helping those who often lack the means to help themselves.


He had someone out there to get me out before they had even took my picture or prints he is on go for his people . He has never left me or anybody I’ve called him to get out hanging his service is 💯 excellent and I wouldn’t recommend anybody else .


John Smith

Cabarrus County

John’s review reinforces the belief that many people in the community have. 123 Bail Bonding is a true bail bonding company. When they get you out of jail, they try to help keep you out of jail.

Bail Bonding in Cabarrus County

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If you or a family member are need of bail bonding services in Cabarrus County, call Nico at 123 Bail Bonding. Concord, Harrisburg, Mt. Pleasant, or Midland. It doesn’t matter what city you are in we are here to help.

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