What to do if I get a DUI? | Full Guide

If you’re like most people, you have no idea what you can or should do if you’re pulled over by the police for something as little as a speeding ticket, let alone a serious driving crime like a DUI in North Carolina. In North Carolina, driving under the influence (DUI-DWI) and a conviction for “drunk driving” can be life-altering criminal charges.

Many people are unsure about what is appropriate conduct and discussion with a law enforcement officer. Should I respond to inquiries? Is there anything I shouldn’t do at this point? What should I do? Can I consult an attorney before speaking or acting? What must be done or said when dealing with police officers?

What should a detained driver accused of DUI do if a police officer starts asking questions? What is a DUI offense? Is it distinct from DWI? Is impaired driving the same as drunk driving in North Carolina?

It’s easy to make a mistake with all those perfectly fair queries and legal issues. Those convicted of DWI in North Carolina face long-term consequences. A driver may refuse a breathalyzer test because he or she is unsure what would happen to his or her NC driver’s license.

Most license holders in North Carolina have no idea what implied consent is or how refusing a breathalyzer affects an administrative license suspension hearing at the North Carolina DMV.

They may not even realize they require the services of a skilled North Carolina DWI defense attorney.

Being charged with a criminal case in North Carolina can be extremely complex, complicated, and frightening. It’s not uncommon for folks to simply give up. They take a breathalyzer test and do not seek an independent blood test later.

The purpose is to help explain your rights, breath alcohol tests, DMV refusal hearings, suspensions, and other key DWI rights in North Carolina, regardless of whether you name it Driving While Impaired, DWI, or DUI.

NO ONE wants to be charged with driving while intoxicated. As a result, people frequently wonder, “How Can I Beat My DWI in North Carolina?” What they’re truly saying is this:

What legal rights do I have?
I’m not sure how I’m going to escape being arrested.
I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.
What alternatives do I have?

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