How to find a NC Bails Bonds man Fast! | Full Guide

When someone you care about is arrested, it may be a frightening experience, especially if you h

ave no idea what to expect. You may only have limited information to work with if you’ve received a call from them. What can you do if you forget to ask a question or don’t receive all of the information you require? You might be unsure where to begin.

How to tell if someone has been arrested in NC

How can I track down someone who has been arrested? You’ll be able to easily locate someone who has been arrested with technology. When an officer makes an arrest, they are required to fill out an arrest report. Most cities and states have patrol cars equipped with computers, allowing for easy transmission of information to the police station.

Once the suspect is transported to the local NC police station, they will be booked into jail. This procedure entails gathering personal information (such as name and address), documenting initial charges, fingerprinting, and taking a mug photo. After that, the information is entered into the jail’s database.

Friends and family members can access the bail bonds website as soon as the information is in the database. North Carolina Bail Bonds website features a ‘Arrests and Bail’ menu that will provide you with the information you need. Find out where your loved one is being detained by searching by name and address.

What to do if someone has been arrested

Your loved one will only receive one phone call after being arrested. It’s critical that they don’t say anything incriminating when they phone you. Phone calls can be recorded and monitored, and this data might be used against them. You may inquire as to where they are being kept and what charges they are facing, but refrain from asking any further questions.

Talk to the District Attorney

The NC District Attorney’s office will be able to provide you with the time and date of your loved one’s arraignment, as well as any other pertinent information concerning the case. You can also get this information from a Bail Bonds off in NC

What happens if a person is pulled over while driving? If your loved one was stopped and arrested, you’ll want to know if their automobile was confiscated and what a third party needs to do to get it released.

The Arraignment

When an individual is arrested in North Carolina the accused will appear before a judge. They will have the option of pleading guilty, not guilty, or no contest to the charges. If the courts do not believe the person is a flight danger, the judge will set bail at that time. The bail amount is determined by the charges. Bail is usually set higher the more serious the crime is.

Find a NC Bails Bonds Man

A judge determines the amount of bail. If the defendant is unable to pay the bail sum on their own, a Bail Bond can be obtained from a NC bail bondsman. You now can google 123 Bail Bonds and speak to one of our agents to assist in helping you get someone out of NC jails fast. A defendant is normally required to pay a bail bondsman in NC 10% of the bail amount to post a bail bond. However, dependent on your circumstances we can help.

The NC bail bondsman will next use collateral to secure the remainder of the bail sum. If the defendant lacks sufficient collateral, the Bond Bondsman in NC may turn to relatives and acquaintances for help in paying the bail.

For a NC Bail Bondsman to be posted, an additional monetary payment as well as full collateral is frequently necessary.

What happens next is determined by whether or not the defendant shows up in court after being released.

  • If the defendant fails to appear in court, the Bond Bond is forfeited, and the remaining 90% of the bail must be paid. The Bail Bondsman will pay the remaining bail money to the court using the defendant’s collateral (home, jewelry, investments, etc.). The defendant will also now have an active warrant out for his arrest.
  • If a defendant does  appear in court, the Bail Bond will be dissolved and the collateral will be returned to the person who deposited it. The 10% cash charge is kept by the bail bondsman as profit. 

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