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At 123 Bail Bonding, our agents have full authority to detain and arrest fugitives who have failed to appear for court. The bond application process requires the defendant to provide ample information for this specific purpose. Through research, planning and investigation, our team always brings back wanted persons who try to escape court. Our fugitive recovery agents are highly trained, highly skilled, and always aware of the situation. They practice due regard for the safety of themselves and the public. When we do capture a fugitive, we treat them with respect. Even in the face of danger, our professional fugitive recovery agents keep their composure.

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How Fugitive Recovery Works

People skip court every day. Many of them have committed violent felonies and misdemeanors. The case against some of them is strong and they know it. Instead of facing the music, they make a run for it. When this happens, bail bonding agencies can hire fugitive recovery agents or “Bounty Hunters.” In the state of North Carolina, the legal term for a fugitive recovery agent is “Runner.”

“Runners” have expansive powers in North Carolina and can use reasonable means to make an apprehension. They can force entry into the residence of the fugitive if necessary. Most fugitive recovery agencies have a recovery success rate of around 88% – 92%.

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Bail bondsman all over Charlotte and surrounding areas rely on 123 Bail Bonding to help them locate and recover wanted fugitives. Our track record speaks for itself and that is why we are relied on to successfully complete the task. Our agents maintain a level of fitness that allows them to stay in control of hostile situations. We are highly motivated and our team is trained and prepared for unpredictable cirumstances.