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Fast bail bond services are ideal when you need to get out of jail quickly in Charlotte, NC. To make bail fast, you contact a bail bondsman. They are experienced individuals who appear at the jail and post bail for you. In return, you pay them an amount. Usually, the amount demanded by a bail bondsman is way lower than the amount demanded by the court for the bail.

4 Types of Bail That You Can Get

Private Bail Bond

In the case of private bail bonds, the amount you pay to the bail bondsman is about 10 percent compared to the total bail amount. As this is resolved between private individuals, it is called a private bail bond. This type of bail is available in Charlotte, NC.

Public Bail Bond

In states where a private bail bond is illegal, instead of paying the full bail amount to the court, you pay 10 percent of the amount to the state. The state allows for this in a concession that you aren’t able to afford the amount asked of you. 

Signature Bond

These are authorized by the judges when you can’t afford the full amount. You are entirely responsible for your actions here. They release you without paying any money as long as you show up in court when the trial is held. If you fail to show up, you have to pay the penalty amount. This penalty fine can even be more than the bail amount.

Property Bond

The federal government, along with a selected few states, have the option of this type of bond. Instead of a cash amount, you provide court assurance that you will show up by bonding  your private property. It can be your home or a store you own or anything. If you fail to show up in court after making such a big commitment, well, you will, unfortunately, lose the property you have bonded to the state.

Fast Bail Bond Services

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Not every state allows for a bail bondsman to post for you. While the bail requirement in most states is the same, this is one of the things that might vary. For example, Charlotte, NC, is one of those places where a bail bondsman is allowed to post in lieu of the defendant.

The practice is actually considered predatory in some places, so it has been outlawed. However, this is one of the fastest ways for you to get bail. You just have to be smart about determining who your bail bondsman should be. Look for someone with a clean reputation and a good track record of successfully posting bail. As long as you are careful, a bail bondsman might be your greatest ally on a scary day.

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