123 Bail Bonding

123 Bail Bonding
Affordable Bail Bonding in
Union County, NC

If you find yourself in a bad situation and you need someone to bail you out of jail, you can call family, friends, or a bail bonding, agency. You usually don’t get a chance at all three. 123 Bail Bonding is proud of the fact that we don’t just get you out of jail, we try to help keep you out. We have great experience in the industry and we help through the bail process. We care about our clients and their future.

Affordable Bail Bonding Agency in Union County

Although Nico is in the bail bonding business, he is not just here to take your money. In fact, Nico has helped clients by paying for their hotel rooms, paying for meals and he also has a non-profit that he started to help work with people so they don’t go back to jail. Getting out of jail is just step one. Staying out is the next step and 123 Bail Bonding is the agency to call for the present and the future.


Nico has come to the rescue more times than I care to admit. He has met with me at 2:00 AM or midnight or the middle of the afternoon. He is very compassionate and understanding of the situation. He goes beyond the duty of a bondsman. It's not just about collecting the money for the bond. He genuinely wants so help if he can. He has encouraged both of my bond needing children to do better! He cares! He is a great guy with lots of knowledge that helped me to understand and deal with the situations I've been pushed into. I have a very healthy respect for this man. He's the best bondsman around!


Lori Carpenter

Union County

Nico has proven time and time again that 123 Bail Bonding is more than just who you call when you need to get out of jail. All you have to do is read the many reviews about Nico and his company to see that he cares for his clients and has the best bail bonding agency around.

Call 123 Bail Bonding

Nico and his team are here to help you turn your life around. Getting out of jail is the first step of the journey and 123 Bail Bonding will help you navigate your way through. If you are located in Union, Linden, Clark, Hillside, Garwood, Winfield, Elizabeth, Rahway, Springfield,  Rosealle, Fanwood, Westfield, Plainfield, Summit, Berkley Heights, Mountanside, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Kenilworth, Roselle Park, or New Providence, give us a call.

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