123 Bail Bonding

123 Bail Bonding
Highest Rated Bondsman in Charlotte

Professional and Punctual

One of the biggest complaints made by people needing a bail bondsman is how long it takes for the bondsman to arrive at the jail. When someone calls a bondsman they want to be out of jail as soon as possible. When you call 123 Bail Bonding, Nico and his team won’t play around with your freedom. Nico has over 100 great reviews as a bail bondsman in Charlotte and many of them speak to how quickly 123 Bail Bonding responds to bail you out.

Treats You Like Family

Getting arrested and taken to jail is not a fun experience and can ruin your day. If the arrest process took several hours you could be tired, upset, and in a bad mood. 123 Bail Bonding takes pride in helping people have a brighter day and getting their lives turned around. Many of the reviews people have left about 123 Bail Bonding refer to times when Nico has bought people food when they were hungry, motivated them to change their life and in some cases saved their life. 

5.0 Rating with over 125 Reviews

Usually you will always have atleast one person who leaves a bad review, especially when you have hundreds of them. Nico and 123 Bail Bonding have an astounding 5.0 rating with over 125 reviews. The vast majority of the reviews include restimonies of people who have had a great experience with Nico and who will never use anyone else if they need a bondsman in the Charlotte area.

Call 123 Bail Bonding

If you need a bondsman in the Charlotte area, call Nico at 123 Bail Bonding. Many of the people who have called  talked to other bondsman who refused to help. Nico does everything he can to help if possible, so don’t hesitate to give him a call.

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